KIT - MF1840 W/Mounted Bale Baron

Ag Tech and Machine is proud to offer WeighHay in Australia WeigHay offers a bale scale with modern control and monitoring systems that can be retrofitted to replicate the control systems of a modern big baler. Each bale is weighed on a bespoke platform and the information is collected by a central controller. Hydraulic pressure is automatically regulated to achieve the desired weight set by the operator. All control and information is via a Isobus display terminal in the tractor. Keeping the operator in the cab fully informed of the bales being produced ,removing the need to stop and check weigh bales, making adjustments as baling conditions change. Historically agricultural bales are sold by the unit and large variations in weight is commonplace. Ambient temperature and moisture content changes during the day and bale weight is constantly fluctuating. Shady areas, wet ground and crop conditions all have an effect on bales produced. WeighayTM allows the producer to set a target weight to ensure all bales are made to an equal average weight regardless of changing conditions. Increasing productivity and profit. The bespoke software loaded into the controller will communicate with a ISOBUS (ISO11783) display. The baler operator will select a desired bale weight (target weight) using the display screen from the tractors operating seat.

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$8,452.00 (AUD)

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Installation instructions provided. Can be installed by customer, with phone or in-person support available.

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Little maintenance needed. Maintenance Support provided by Ag Tech and Machine.

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